Two samples taste in the Macallan new bottle market party.  It's very marketing.

Macallan 12yo (40%, OB, new bottle 2004, Sherry Cask)

Quite similar to the old one, but comes from good batch, not too much caremal.  Score: 80.  Reminds me the good time I had with this standard version in early years.  Kind of strange to hear the Macallan people said it has no "pigment" inside.  It's all naturl color.

Macallan 18yo Fine Oak (43%, OB)

Still very obvious sherry influency by nose.  But more fruitier and flowerer than old sherry cask version.  Golden color.  Very dry finish.  Kind of strong in body.  Layer taste.  Originally I gave it 80, but later I decided to give it Score: 82.  I actually quite like it.  Too bad I didn't have enough sample to add some water in.  I guess I only had 5~8 ml in the glass.

The good thing is they didn't let us eat anything before we taste it to make sure we can nose everything.  The bad thing is we have to wait for 2 hours to get our dinner.  And even worth: we have to compare Fine Oak 18yo with Chivas Royal Salute?  What? Are you really serious? This is totally marketing.  Not to mention they tried to let us believe the Sherry Oak and Fine Oak is like BMW 540 and X5.

Have you MACALLANed tonight? Like my friend Olivier said: Yes, I have.  But I have to take some Highland Park to DE-MACALLANIZED it. 


Single Malt Lover!

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