Highland Park 1988/2003 (57.3%, Sprirt of the Isles, Cask#706)

Second time taste.  Sample from Rubinstein.  Kind of weak in nose.  Good in Palate.  Seems better than the first time.  should be almost 80.  I think this is a very good value choice.  only USD25.00 per bottle.  Score 78.  A little bit higher than last time.

Scapa 25yo 1974/2000 (50%, OMC, 524b.)

Sample from Bird.  Thanks!  Brown color.  Is it sherry Cask? Beautiful legs.  Very easy to tell it's shrry influence.  But not that strong.  Sherry, sweet, fruity.  A very intersting stange taste in palate.  Is it peanut? Finished long and mature.  Very nice Scapa.  Adding water seems too weak. Score: 86.

Bunnahabhain 1979 (57%, James MacArthu's, Miniature)

Dark Brown.  Weak legs.  Sherry, mint, very little peat.  Chocolate, some Flowerish.  Taste like around 10-15yo.  Weak in palate.  Bitter.  Some stange feel oil(real oil).  Finished long.  Score: 76.

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