After reading Johannes report on the Bowmore sample, I decided to re-taste again, along with some samples from my friends.

Bowmore 35yo 1968/2003 (42.05%, Peerless, Cask#1424, 201b.)

I gave it 90 at the Bowmore 1968 tasting.  Johannes got the sample from me and only gave it 49 bacause it disappear too soon.  I decide to taste it again.  The only conclusion: yes it disappear comparing soon by nosing but after taste it, the nose comes out again.  And I waited for 10 mins. and found not too different.  Maybe it's the sample bottle problem.  I don't know.  I think I'll take another sample and send to Johannes again.  Score: 88.  A little bit lower than the first time.

Macleod's Islay 8yo 40%

The second time to taste it.  Face to face with the Lagavulin 1987 Distiller Edition.  I can almost 100% sure this one is the Lagavulin.  By nosing, almost the same distilleriry charactor.  Except the 1987 DE has some sweet sherry nose.  However, again, the palate is too weak and creat some unbelievable drop.  Score :78.  A little bit higher than last time.  I still think this one is a value choice.

Lagavulin 1987/2003 Distiller's Edition (43%, OB)

Also the second time taste.  However, I don't quite remember about the first time.  Brown color. Very nice and standard house style.  A little bit weak in palate.  Remain at Score: 85.

Caol Ila 26yo 1975/2001 (56.1%, Signaory Vintage, Cask#459, 242b.)

I was hoping this one to become a winner tonight.  However, it prooved again you can't imagin the quality until you taste it.  Sample from Bird, thanks, you helped me boost my malt milage a lot.  This one has beautiful Golden color.  Quite nice legs, oil.  High Alc. Volume, Burning.  Sneaking in hand, maybe some caramal? But didn't taste any.  Refershing.  Quite standared Caol Ila, some domanate peat.  a little bit mint, some flower.  However, too simple either in nose or palate.  Not my style.  Score: 72.

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