Five samples from Cognac House! (Sent by Murray McDavid)  Shared with Stephen.

Auchentoshan 10yo 1992 (46%, MMCD)

Light Yellow.  Beautiful nose. Fresh fruit, citurs, a little bit flower. honey?  Thin body.  finish extreming long. Score: 82. (Stephen: 81)

Longmorn 14yo 1990 (46%, MMCD)

Light yellow, simple, strong body.  like cider? Score: 71. (Stephen: 70)

Jura 12yo 1989 (46%, MMCD)

Yellow.  Probably the best Jura I have tasted till today.  light peatiness.  a hint of sea, Fruity.  Quite creaming.  Adding water can feel some sherry.  Layered taste.  I actually quite enjoyed this dram.  Score: 85. (Stephen:85)

Caol Ila 14yo 1989 (46%, MMCD)

Yellow Brown.  Heavily peated.  Even feel like a Laphroaig.  But at the end, still can feel it's an Caol Ila because of the sweatiness.  I love the peat.  Score: 84. (Stephen: 86)

Laphroaig 15yo 1989 (46%, MMCD)

Yellow.  Comparing not so peated and light body as a Laphroaig.  weak in finish.  Score: 81. (Stephen: 83)

Also a sample brought by Stephen:

Glenfarclaus 25yo (43%, OB, miniture)

Brown.  Clear sherriness.  A hint of chocolate.  very oil.  Balanced very well.  Not so strong like other OB bottle.  I acutually quite like this style.  Score: 88. (Stephen: 88)

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