Tamdhu 40% NAS (40%, OB)

Found in s small shop called, 歐美酒坊 in Tainan, it seems has enented Taiwan for over one year.  Quite simple speyside style, sweet, fruity.  Yellow color.  Not too surprising, but very easy drinking.  A value choice.  This malt was used in Famous Grouse as the base malt.  Score: 72.

Craggamore 14yo 18.4.1989/23.6.2003 (57.3%, Signatory, Cask#971, 317.b, dumpty bottle)

Very nice dram, typiecal house style but in high alc. volume, Craggamore lovers may want to try this one.  Score 82. This bottle was also found in 歐美酒坊, they got four new singatory dumpy bottle from 吉珍屋.  The other three are Glenturrent, Highland Park.  I am more interested at the 1992 Sherried Highland Park, and the 1977 Refill Butt Highland Park.  Rifill Butt indicate it's a sherry cask, but they don't use sherry because the color is light yellow.  Very interesting.

Tamdhu 34yo 06.1968/11.2002 (40.1%, Peerless, Cask#4104, 188b.)

The last bottle in Cognac House, bought by my friend Mr.Tsai.  Golden Color, veyr sweet, very fruity.  Simple! This is a very typical good speyside malt, even reminds me the old Glenlivet.  Score: 86.

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