Bruichladdich 37yo 1966/2003(40.5%, Peerless, Cask#202, 190b.)

Golden, Beautiful nose, even better than the 1969 Peerless bottle.  Tropical Fruit, Flower, Weak body.  Score: 86.

Glen Grant 1970/2001 (55%, Berry's Bros. Cask#1035)

Dark red.  Heavily sherried.  Nutty.  Strong body.  opened for 2 years.  still very nice dram.  Score: 90.

Glen Grant 23yo 1970/2003 (53.6%, Peerless, Cask#810, 98b. Sherry Cask)

Dark Red.  Also Heavy sherried, but quite refreshing, adding water performs better.  Layed nose.  weak in finish. Score: 89.

Some samples send by Michiel Wigman, shared by my friend Mr. Tsai. 

Pulteney 34yo 1969 (50%, OMC, 197b.)

Golden, citrus, mint, sweet.  quite distillery house style. Adding water taste better. Score: 87.

Springbank 25yo (46%, OB, Punchment label, dumpty bottle)

Heavy sherry, citrus, chocolate, weak body, not exactly like the one I tasted in Islay.  Maybe opened to long. Score: 88.

Longmorn 1971/1999 (57.8%, Scott's Sel.)

Dark Brown, Clear winner today. Very surprising.  Nutty, Tropical fruit, A hint of flower. Adding water brings out fruit. Score: 92.

Longrow 8yo 1987/1996 (43%, Signatory, Cask#142+143, 750b.)

Pale Straw, almost like water.  Heavy peated.  light body.  A little bit un-balanced.  OB 10yo is better.  Score: 82.

Brora 30yo 1972 (47.4%, 220b. Exclusive for whiskyshop)

Dark brown, nutty, sherry.  No Sea influence, not to much peated.  A hint of malty feel.  Score: 82.

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