Haven't been to Shanghai for 2 years. It is truly growing fast. The population has increased to 17 millions level. Wow!

We normally only has beer druing the meeting. But we tried the Chinese Red Wine.... Taste: no good.

I have been told that the Shainghai PuTong Airpot has Ardbeg OB Provenance(Yr. 2000 bottled) at price aroundUSD380.-, it is certainly right, I found lots of them. Could be the lowest price in the world. And guess what, another interesting bottle: Glenmorange Millinnium Release (50cl, 1974/1999) But this one seems to be more expensive than UK. As Hong Kong Airport no longer take such high priced bottle,maybe the Shanghai airport duty free shop is targeting those rich bosses. Interesting.
And Taste...Sorry, I would rather take the Ardbeg Provenance, I was never an Glenmorangie guy.
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