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Somebody can't attend the Bowmore 1968 tasting and deside to treat us with GlenLivet and Blackadder! Thanks to Brian and Richard, we can taste so many malts within one afternoon. Officially, my malt milage break 200 today.Ho!Ho!Ho!  Here is the brief record.

Attandents: Brian, Richard, Kingfisher, Stephen, Murder, Perter.

The GlenLivet 12yo Red Cap, cream lable, Red spot in the middle (43%, OB, bottled in the 80s)
Score: B:85, R:85, K:90, S:86, M:85, P:85

This is a very good example of how old whisky can perform.  Much nice than recently bottleing.  And keep you thinking about it for quite a long time.

The GlenLive 20yo 1983/2003 French Oak Finish (46%, OB, Cellar Collection, Cask#2L7F901)
Score: B:86, R:85, K:79, S:87, M:86, P:83

It actually made very successfully and reminds you Armanigac/Cognac.  But I like Armanigac.

The GlenLivet 28yo 1971/2000 (51.8%, Signatory Millennium Ecition, sherry Butt#10222, 392b.)
Score: B:88, R:79, K:80, S:86, M:85

A good example of old speyside heavy sherry.  From picture, we can tell it's a re-fill sherry butt. 

The GlenLivet 31yo 1969/2000 (56.4%, Signaory Vintage, Sherry Butt#1392, 498b.)
Score: B:85, R:86, K:81, S:72, M:80, P:84

A little bit better than 1971, but not too much different. Interesting, there were some quite different nose between these two vintage sherry. Some people prefer this one.  Some don't.

Benrinnes 23yo 1980 (53.9%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#1352)
Score: B:75, R:85, K:85, S:84, M:84

No plan to introduce Taiwan.  Good Speyside.

Glen Albyn 30yo 1974 (58.1%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#1601)
Score: B:85, R:87, K:80, S:84, M:82

Again, speyside.  But a little bit weak as a 30yo! No plan to introduce.

Longmorn 14yo 1990 (56.7%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#30049)
Score: B:82, R:87, K:89, S:86

Very nice Bourbon speyside.  Lots nose to discovery.  Much better than any sherry Longmorn.

Springbank 12yo 1991 (61.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#328)
Score: B:83, R:87, K:90, S:88, M:86

Clear house style.  Simple, Strong, Good.

Clynelish 13yo 1990 (59.3%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#3593, Sherry Finish)
Score: B:89, R:89, K:92, S:90

Not easy to tell it's a Clyelish.  Very nice nose, balanced well.  And considering it's price, everybody should buy 3.

Caol Ila 25yo 1979 (61.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#5334)
Score: R:89, K:91, S:92, M:91

Good Good Good! And yes, I can tell it's Caol Ila.  Too bad won't introduce as it's too expensive.  But maybe by order.

Port Ellen 21yo 1983 (62.7%, Blackadder Raw Cask, Cask#2734)
Score: B:85, R:92, K:88, S:88, M:90, P:89

Not very clear house style by nosing.  But can tell by drinking.  Still a good Islay malt.

And check out an old friendt during the break:
Ardbeg 1977 (46%, OB) Score:90
I gave it 89 before I join the maniacs, About the same but I think it worth a 90.

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