Buffalo Trace

Bourbon. Not yet introduced to Taiwan, brought back by shop owner's friend.  I like it, either by desigh or by taste. Score: 88.

Glenmorangie 28yo 1975/2004 Tain L'Hermitage Finish (46%, OB)

Quite good one! Smooth and elegant.  Layered flavor. Strange, this one sold at 10% higher than Sauternes finish. I wondered fi they mis-labeled the price. Score: 88.

Glenmorangie 21yo 1981 Sauternes Finish (54.6%, OB)

Balance well.  Much better than port wood finish.  Still too sweet.  Score: 82.

Glen Grant 30yo 1970/2001 (55%, Berry's Bro., Cask 1035)

Very nice heavy sherried malt.  A little bit smoke comes out.  Score: 85.

Glen Ord 12yo (40%, OB)

Good classic speyside style. If could even cheaper. Score: 78. 


Single Malt Lover!

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