Today's Drams:
1.) Clynelish 20yo 1983/2004 (46%, MMCD, 498b., Mission III)
2.) Brora 24yo 1977/2001 (56.1%, Rare Malt)

Finished my last drop of the MMCD Clynelish.

This bottle just won several IWSC and ISC awards. It seems MMCD has quite some Clynelish casks. I wondered why I didn't taste any when I was there.

Color: Golden. Nose: Maltiness, Flowerish. Very classical Speyside/Highland nose with a touch of marine character. Mild, smooth, very classical. However, I am a peak freak. I still prefer Brora, a peak monster. Score 82.

Note: I recently found out the the very last dram on every Mission bottles are especially good. Is the possible the "fat" was too heavy that can's mix with water well? Weired.


Single Malt Lover!

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