Samples provides from Bird and Stephen. Thanks!

Springbank 10yo 100proof (57%, bottled in 2004)

Color: Golden.  Fresh Maltiness,  At the first impression, very sweet and maltiness.  Orangy like malt. Young, robust, stong.  Front toung.  Very young.  not even feel like 10yo, even younger.  Sneaky, stange, should not have caremel.  but really very similar.  Adding water feel more orange, sneaky as usual.  Score. 80.

Spingbank 12yo Bourbon Wood 1991/2004 (58.5%, OB, 1796b. Hogshead/Barrel)

This is a very stange wood expression.  My friends asked me, what is Bourbon finish?  Hogshead/Barrel speaks all.  But what if Barrel/Barrel????? I can only say this is something to cheat you.  Rum and Port means something, Sherry and Bourbon not really.  But to tell the truth, I still bought two bottles. Only because I am not really satisfied by recently OB bottles.  I think wood expressions should performs better.  As expected, about the same alc.% as the 100 proof, this one is much better.  Clear nosing but layer comes out.  a little bit Hather, stange.  Smooth, oil, young, but a very nice signature Springbank. Score: 86.

Longrow 10YO 1993 (46%, OB)

Has tried several times of Longrow 10YO, but never really really write down the tasting note seriously  Compared with the previous two samples, you can feel immediately that this is a premier verison not only adding the peat.   Coler: Light yellow. Taste like a 15 YO malt.  Malt, Peat, Wood balanced very well.  A very nice malt.  However, it's a little bit disappointing on finishing.  I wonder if it is because it has been opened for quite a while.(Later confirmed by Stephen that it performs weaker than he remembered.) I would like to try old vintage Longrow.  Should be very good. Score: 82.

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