Attendants: Kingfisher, Brian, Stephen

Two Springbank samples from Michiel Wigman.  Thanks! Michiel.

Three blinds from Kingfisher.

Springbank 30yo Limited Edition (46%, OB)

Color: Dark Brown.  Heavy Sherried.  Very sweet even has a little bit caremal fell.  Chocolate, Smoke, Light Fruit, Orange.  Silky Smooth, takes a while to come back to fill the mouth.  Though heavy sherried, balanced quite well.  Adding water brings out more fruit.  But personally I like drink straight.  Score 90. (S: 93, B:90)

Springbank 35yo Limited Edition (46%, OB)

Color: Dar Brown.  Again a sherry monster.  But has more clear Fruity and Flowerlish.  Some smell reminds me the candy I had from my Bruichladdich classmate Rolf.  Generally speaking, sherry, wood, malt balanced well. Dry, old but quite refreshing.  Again, water didn't help.  Probably one of the best Springbank I had.  Score: 92.(S: 94, B: 94)

Blind Sample 1: Clynelish 20yo 1983/2004 (46%, Murray McDavid, Mission 3)

Brian and Stephen both get it right to be highland and feel salty. Brian take a guess of Strathisla, Stephen was qutie sure it;s Clynelish. Kingfisher: 83 (B:78, S: 84) 

Blind Sample 2: Brora 20yo 1981/2001 (43%, Signatory Vintage, Cask577, 180/403b.)

Again, very salty feel.  I wonder if it is because of the sherry Springbank.  They both feel it's like Talisker.  Kingfisher: 84 (B: 80, S:75)

Blind Sample 3: Brora 24yo 1977/2001 (56.1%, Rare Malt, bottle number: 3822)

With a hint that 2 and 3 comes from the same distillery.  Stephen get it right even he hasn't try Brora before. Brian and Stephen are both quite good to feel salty and marine character. Stephen was quite sure he doesn't like Brora.  Weired.  Normally we have similar taste. Kingfisher: 90. (B: 82, S: 73) 

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