Date: Jan. 8th, 2008
Place: at home

Ardbeg 6yo 2001/2007 "Badger" (46%, Milroys of Soho, bourbon hogshead, C#27, 298 bts.)
C: Straw, very light in color.
N: peaty, malty sweet, with some fruity note, rich , very Islay.
P: Medium body, medium finish, quite nice young Islay. peaty bitter.
C: 85 points. Quite nice and easy. very enjoyable. 大家都在玩密碼, Badger也太容易猜了, 非常的艾雷反而不太覺得是Ardbeg.

Ardbeg Uigeadail NAS (54.2%, OB, +/-2005, hard paper carton.)
C: Golden, quite clear, sample from 國文, Thanks!
N: Quite rich malty, tropical fruit with medium peat later. very malty.
P: Medium bod, peaty bitter, short finish, not as pleasant as the Badger, , strange.  I remember this one should be quite nice.
C: 84 points. Interesting and complex, need some time to open. 怎麼感覺不太像是Uigeadail?

Ardbeg 30yo 1975/2006 (46.1%, DL Platinum, 180 bts.)
C: Light yellow, clear, sample from 諶大哥, thanks!
N: Lovely fruiy note, sweet and nice, 甘草, old malty. note, not as peaty as imagine. minty.
P: Light body, medium level peat, medium long finish. old malt, 
C: 88 points. the best part is the finish. not as peaty as I thought. 尾韻的感覺最好, 比期待稍低了一點.

Ardbeg 31yo 1974/2006 (54.5%, OB, C#3326, Bourbon cask)
C: Deep golden. 
N: Rich old malt. tropical fruit, some banana, light peat, quite standard old Ardbeg.
P: Medim heavy body medium long finish, somewhat oxidation. , but still very enjoyable.
C: 90 points. Very good drinking one, out very quick. 可能是名牌效應, OB的老酒都會得高分, 一樣是1974, 這支可比雙槍組便宜多了.


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