Date: Oct. 7th, 2007

Mortlach 1988/2003 (58.9%, G&M Reserve. 243 bts. C#4333)
C: Golden.
N: Very malty, with hint of citrus, spring flower, sugar, quite fresh.
P: Medium body, long finish. 一點點甘草, hearbal feel, sweet and nice.
C: 86 points. a very nice bourbon cask Mortlach. 一支相當漂亮的酒, 舒服而有水準.

Mortlach 20yo 1978/1998 (62.2%, UDRM)
C: Gold brown.
N: hint of sherry influence, not too much. old barn. rice cake, pear, milk.
P: Medium body, long finish, dry, last long mouth watering, salty.
C: 88 points. a quite straight forward one. grassy. powerful and good. 很簡單的一支Mortlach, 強悍而好喝.

飲酒過量 有害健康

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