With the help of our Mr. Glanfarclas, Luc Timmermans, we had a VIP tour in Glenfarclas with George Grant, the sixth generation of the family.  George picked us up at ten o’clock.  We thought we can go somewhere else but it is obvious that we were too tired and we woke up too late to do anything else but only the delicious breakfast. (Note: you can’t miss the delicious smoked fish, only for breakfast.)  George is quite a nice young man, a little bit shy, but showed us great hospitality.  I was quite surprise to know he actually lived in Hong Kong for two years to help expend the far eastern business.  And the great news that he’ll get married with a Chinese girl, Stephanie, within two weeks.  (Congratulations, George!   

Hope you like the wedding gift I sent after I came back home.)




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